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I had a classmate in graduate school who was from India. Her dream was to become an architect who designed amusement parks. I can’t say I ever felt compelled to do the same, but after winter storm Nemo, the child in me came out and my neighbor Rick and I had a shared vision. We decided to build a luge course for our kids for some close to home fun. In many ways I think we were fullfilling our own childhood fantasies. We set off on the back breaking work moving and piling mountains of snow, then our design and scultping skills went to work shaping the course. The most difficult part of the project was keeping the kids off of the course while construction was ongoing. All the  hard work was well worth it, our course has been a huge success providing hours of entertainement for our kids and for us. Our homemade winter fun park is a reminder to me of why we create. We design and build to improve the quality of our lives. I think this project was successful in improving the quality of my kids’ lives because they were having fun; and when you are having fun you think life is good.



What is sledding without a crash? I guess the course needs some more work.



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