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Save Thorncrown Chapel

Save Thorncrown Chapel


In a previous post “Architecture in Arkansas” I wrote about one of my favorite structures-Thorncrown Chapel.  A friend, who knows I love this building, sent me a link to a post at the Inhabitat site by Diane Pham. Diane writes about the local utility company that is planning to run powerlines that would encroach on the Thorncrown Chapel site. If this happens the setting for the building will be ruined and so will the experience of going there. To read her post and sign a petition that will hope fully prevent this from happening, please visit:

Thorncrown Chapel is a very important piece of American Architecture. The building ranks fourth on the AIA’s list of most important buildings in the twentieth century in America. Many people visit this chapel every year to experience its uniqueness. Architect Fay Jones, designer of Thorncrown, was an Organic Architect. He integrated buildings with sites and showed extreme sensitivity to nature when he designed his buildings. He blurred the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors. He integrated nature and architecture. If Thorncrown Chapel’s site is ruined so will be the experience of this magnificent structure.


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