Cement Board Siding

Cement Board SidingCement Board Siding

Cement board siding is a great alternative to traditional wood clapboard siding. The most common type of cement board siding is made to simulate traditional wood clapboard. There are products that simulate shingles and other types of siding as well.  The finished look is very similar wood

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Green Space

Lloyd Lewis HouseLloyd Lewis House

Spending time in and observing nature has always been important to me. I think Henry David Thoreau’s writing has greatly influenced or reinforced the way I see the world. Perhaps that is why fell in love with Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas and buildings. There are so many lessons

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Great Quotes By Architects

I don’t think using quotes as a source of inspiration is unique to me, but I do think that the quotes I’m inspired by reveal something about me. When I am searching for inspiration or need motivation I’ll look at images from or read the words of

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Hudson Valley Vernacular Architecture

Howland Cultural CenterHowland Cultural Center

Introduction There are many famous architects that have produced fabulous works in the Hudson Valley.  Most recently Frank Gehry’s Center for Performing Arts at Bard College was completed. Frank Lloyd Wright designed 3 houses in a community called Usonia in Westchester County. Perhaps the best known of

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Phases of Architectural Services

People get excited about working with an architect because they are reaching out to a professional who will help them achieve their vision yet they don’t always realize the  full extent of services provided by architects. Listed below are phases of typical architectural services. The phase terminologies

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