People get excited about working with an architect because they are reaching out to a professional who will help them achieve their vision yet they don’t always realize the  full extent of services provided by architects. Listed below are phases of typical architectural services. The phase terminologies and descriptive language may vary from firm to firm, but overall the list provided reasonably sums up architectural services. As an architect I can provide all of the services listed. However, I don’t discriminate against smaller projects which may not require or have the budget to support all of the services. I am flexible and can tailor contracts to provide whatever services a client may require.


  • Understand client’s needs and goals
  • Help develop programmatic requirements for the project
  • Define the scope of the project
  • For additions and renovations-field measuring and existing condition drawings
  • Analyze the site conditions to determine how the site will impact the project
  • Review code and zoning regulations such as setbacks, building height and lot coverage

Schematic Design

  • Study design alternatives
  • Prepare schematic renderings-plan and elevation drawings of the building project, usually in sketch form
  • Prepare schematic site plans–usually in sketch form
  • Prepare a preliminary estimate of construction cost based on area, volume or other unit costs to determine if the scope of the project is attuned to the client’s budget

Design Development

  • Commences after client approval of the Schematic Design Phase
  • Prepare hardline plan, elevation and section scaled drawings
  • Prepare hardline drawings of site plans
  • Select construction type
  • Make material selections, finish selections, choose mechanical systems
  • Review decisions and selections to insure the design is evolving in accord with the initial design intent
  • Make design decisions to accomplish final recommendations, pricing and budgeting
  • Revisit the preliminary estimate of construction cost as the design becomes more clarified. This often involves asking contractors to prepare preliminary estimates.

Construction Documents

  • Commences after client approval of Design Development Phase
  • Create detailed construction drawings and specifications outlining the work to be done, materials, workmanship, finishes and equipment required
  • Prepare documents for bidding
  • Provide assistance to client or contractor with filing construction documents required for the approval of governmental agencies having jurisdiction over the project
  • Revisit the preliminary estimate of construction cost to determine if changes in project scope, requirements or market condition will affect cost

Bidding and Negotiation

  • This phase is not always required. Frequently clients have already selected a contractor.
  • Advise the client  as to qualifications of bidders and the bids received
  • Make recommendations  on the award of a construction contract
  • Assist client with technical information for preparation of construction contract

Construction Administration

  • If a competent, trustworthy contractor is selected many smaller projects do not require Construction Administration
  • Review of shop drawings, schedules and samples – for conformance with drawings and specifications
  • Issue change orders when required due to field conditions or clients request
  • Perform site visits to ensure that construction is proceeding in accordance with the contract documents
  • Determine  amounts owed to the contractor, that the work is in accordance to the contract documents and has progressed to the indicated point
  • Assist the client in receiving and reviewing of all bonds, guarantees and other evidence of insurance or security required by the construction contract
  • Help establish the date of “substantial completion”
  • Help establish the date of “final completion”
  • Help the client obtain from the contractor, a release of liens
  • Basic architectural services are complete when the project has been completed and final certificate of payment has been made to the contractor

Additional Service

  • Usually provided on an hourly basis
  • Includes presentation to planning or architectural review boards
  • As-built Construction Documentation
  • Interior Design