Hudson Valley Extreme Makeover

This project is located in Dutchess County in the Scenic Hudson Valley of New York. The owners purchased a dilapidated farmhouse on a quaint country road. They loved the form, details, materials and spirit of the original house. The prototypal traits the owners endeared so much were included in the redesign and expansion of the house. The owners did however, want a more modern spatial configuration and modern amenities. Materials from the original house were salvaged and re-used throughout the project. Some key features of the project include a central half-round staircase that is flooded with natural light from a cupola above and a poured concrete fireplace surround, flanked by large windows that bring in the view of the field beyond. The blending of the traditional characteristics of the original house with modern ideas led to a unique interpretation of a farmhouse.

In April 2017 the story of this residence was published in Berkshire Homestyle Magazine. To read the article online click on the picture below.


Berkshire Homestyle Magazine



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