Frog Pond Farm

Named by the owners after finding a pond full of frogs on the property, this was a two part project. Part one included adding a great room and screened porch to a house nestled into a hillside. The sloped grade limited options for the addition and required some extensive site work. 

Part two of the project called for converting an old barn into a Pool House with a series of functions. The ground level of the barn has a garage, powder room and a multi-functional space that serves as a lounge with an area for potting plants. Most of the work took place on the second floor which contains a gathering and artwork display room, sleeping room and bathroom. Part of the third floor hay storage loft was removed to create a loft that has exercise and office space. Due to the poor structural condition of the loft, the entire floor needed to be re-framed. The part of the floor that was removed creates a soaring, double-height space. Window patterns throughout the barn were changed to draw in more daylight and to bring focus to the view to the north and the new pool. Collaboration between the owners, architect and builder was excellent, making this an extremely pleasurable project to work on.


Photographs by Liam Goodman