Design Development

The Design Development phase is a process of refinement. The objectives of this phase are to optimize spatial performance and square footage, refine the look, personalize the house, and make material selections. The drawings become hardline and dimensionally precise. The dimensions of the house are stretched and shrunk as required to achieve optimal dimensions. Window patterns and sizes are revised and modified to achieve desired day lighting requirements.  The goal of the Design Development phase  is to have most of the design decisions finalized so that minimal design changes are made while the Construction Documents are being prepared.

Hudson Valley Extreme Makeover

During the Design Development phase, the most significant addition to the design was a cupola centered over the semi-circular stone stair. The cupola brings visual interest to the exterior of the house, but will also allow daylight to illuminate the central stair and spill into the central portion of the house. The clients wanted to be able to exit the house directly from the kitchen, so french doors were added in the kitchen and the doors  from the great room were removed. Most of the other revisions were minor. The kitchen and bathroom layouts were modified and the window sizes and locations adjusted.

Although the goal of the Design Development phase is to finalize most of the design decisions, the process of designing never truly ends and modifications are sometimes made when buildings are under construction.


Design Development Drawings

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