Construction Documents

The goal of the Construction Documents phase is to is to generate all the plans, elevations, sections, details and specifications that will illustrate how the building will be constructed. The Construction Documents are used to obtain bids and permits. They are the instructions contractors use to construct buildings. Preparing Construction documents is a laborious process for architects. All aspects of the building need to be analyzed and appropriate materials and construction technologies need to be selected. During this phase architects have to make sure that every part of the building will meet regulatory codes.

Hudson Valley Extreme Makeover

Most of the construction systems specified for this project are fairly conventional:

  • Concrete foundation with stone veneer
  • Wood I-beams and 2×6 wall framing for the rear portion of the house
  • Hybrid post and beam construction and conventional framing for the front of the house
  • Conventional 2x’s roof framing
  • Metal Roof
  • Marvin aluminum clad windows
  • Wood clapboard siding
  • Wood trim interior and exterior

All floor and wall framing is 24″ o.c. This is a strategy that saves framing lumber, decreases labor cost and improves the building’s thermal envelope. This a very simple strategy that makes this house a little “greener.” The interior semi-circular stair from the basement to the first floor is concrete clad with stone on the inside and out. From the first floor to the second it is built from concrete masonry units and clad with stone. The exposed stone terminates underneath the wood stringer and treads.

Sample Construction Drawings:

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